Experience in Numbers:
Gas engine CHP – 58 plants; over 210MWe
Gas turbine CHP – 30MWe
Biomass BFB CHP steam turbine - 4 plants
Biomass CHP ORC - 3 plants
2 Biomass BFB steam boilerplants
Biomass grate boiler – 16 plants; 29MW
Firetube boilerplants – 220pcs; over 1100MW
Drinking water – 350 projects; total flow 6100m3/h
Boilerplant watertreatment – over 250 plants; app. 1000m3/h
Maintenance – 310 customers with 24/7 contracts
Electric power of cogeneration plants: 637 kW and 999 kW.
Cogeneration plants use gas which is produced from animal manure.
The produced electricity is sold to electricity network and heat is used to maintain the technological process.

Main equipment
Internal combustion engine and generator.
All technology equipment is placed into container which is produced by Filter.
Project realization: May 2013 – October 2013.
biogas chp 2

Absorption chiller of 2.3 MW cooling power.
The energy of residual condensate of technological process is used.
The chilled water is used to improve vacuum of technological equipment.

Main equipment
Three-loop absorption chiller and open type cooler.
All technology equipment is placed into container type building.
Project realization: 2013 – 2014.
Absorption chiller in Lithuania 1

Ultra clean water treatment system with capacity of 10m³/h.
The treated water is supplied to steam turbine.
Main equipment: water treatment facilities.
Project realization: 2009.
 chp lit 1

Thermal oil Boiler Plant 8,2 MW
ORC- Organic Rankine Cycle –technlogy
Customer- local municipal heat producing company
Heat is delivered to district heating network
Project execution January 2012- December 2012
CHP Finland

0,99 MW Electrical capacity; 7-9 MW Thermal capacityThe live steam is delivered to distillery.
Heat is delivered to district heating network.
Fuel- wood-based biomass (bark, wood chips and forest residue chips)
Project execution: January 2012-December 2013
CHP Estonia

The containerized gas engine system. containerized chp lat
The customer is an IPP company in Vangazi town, Latvia.

Fuel Natural gas 
Engine type  JMC 312 GS-N.L
Electrical output 526 kW
Thermal output 620 kW
Commissioning June 2009

District heating company is the main heat supplier in the city of Jelgava, Latvia.a

Fuel Natural gas
Engine type 4 x JMS 320 GS-N.LC
Electrical output 3,996 kW
Thermal output 4,500 kW
Commissioning June 2009

Electrical Output– 1 817 kW
Thermal Output – 1 715 kW
Electrical Efficiency – 43,3%
Customer- exhibition & trade center

Fuel natural gas

Project execution  2006-2007>
Trigeneration Center Belarus 1

Thermal output 6MWBoiler plant in Finland 2
Customer local energy producing company.
Enduser Food Production company

Fuel wood chips, biomass

Project execution February 2012- January 2014

The customer is a district heating company is the main heat supplier in the city of Liepaja, Latvia.

Fuel: Natural gas
Engine type: 2 x JMS 612 GS-N.LC
Electrical output: 3,996 kW
Thermal output: 4,400 kW
Commissioning: June 2010
chp liepaja

Electrical output: 13396 kWh
Thermal output: 8948 kWh
Steam production: 4x 1179 kg/h+ 2x11600 kg/h
Steam pressure 20 bar
Customer -Production company
Fuel natural gas

Project execution January 2012-   May 2013
Gas Turbine CHP plant in Russia 1

Electrical output:1,2 MW
Thermal output:1,2 MW
Customer local energy  producing company
Heat is delivered to district heating network
Project execution January 2012-  January  2013
biogas chap plant estonia

Thermal output 3MW
Customer local energy producing company,
heat is delivered to district heating network
Fuel wood chips and peat.

Project execution August 2011-  June 2012
Heat supply plant in Finland 1

Project scope
Equipment supply & installation (deferrizationfilters, pumps, valves ect) 
Process electrification and automation 
Project management
Customer training
Project execution: 2009
Water Treatment Station in Estonia 1

Electrical capacity     2MW
Thermal capacity      8 MW
Fuel: wood chips

Project execution: January 2012 - December 2014
Biokütusel koostootmisjaam Eestis small

Equipment: TFB 14 FiltersDesinfection equipment for water treatment system in Russia
Project execution: 2008
Project scope: equipment, installation, commissioning, customer training

Customer is the construction materials producer in Moscow
Project execution: 2008IMG 0168
Units:                            RO 03-12
Capacity m3/h:              14
Units:                            RO 02-6/4
Capacity m3/h:              1
Application:                  Process water

Customer is pharmaceutical company
Project execution: 2013  Water treatment project in Latvia

Water treatment to provide nonstop desalinate water 2 x 5 m³/h, conductivity  < 0.1 µS/cm

Technical data:
Flow, turbine water ........................ 1.5 m³/h
Flow, cooling water........................ 7.5 m³/h
Flow, drinking water....................... 2.0 m³/h

Customer is the district heating company